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Diamond Must-Haves for Generation Z!

The definitive guide to assembling your natural diamond jewellery collection. Zendaya's red carpet ensembles would be incomplete without a touch of artistically designed jewellery.

Zendaya's looks have a level of elegance that is rarely seen in a young actor, combining hot-off-the-runway looks with bold natural jewels. In other news, Hailey Beiber's bathroom selfies show her wearing a fantastic mix of high and low pieces, such as jersey crop tops with a diamond ring or a tennis necklace.


You don't need an A-stylist lister's to get your gems in order. Begin amassing your collection one unforgettable item at a time. This is how. Diamonds have long been the ultimate It-Girl accessory. From Madonna to Audrey Hepburn, a girl who wants to buy her own jewellery is stunning. Celebrating milestone milestones with jewellery has become something of a cultural phenomenon, seen as a mark of luxury, riches, and even power. As the Indian economy expands and the purchasing power of the younger people grows, there is an increasing preference for natural diamond jewellery over yellow gold.

Furthermore, members of Generation Z are more concerned with investing in timeless style and the durability of a product's life cycle rather than merely making do with transitory trends. Investing in items with resale value is certainly consistent with their mindful purchase behaviours. In the age of HDR, the worth of a product is also determined by the number of likes it receives on social media. Instagram is about much more than keeping in contact with high school classmates. They have grown into venues for artistic development and discovery. Curated ears, arm stacks, and close-up crops of stacked necklaces are frequently sought after and reproduced, demonstrating that they are trends that have cross-border appeal and are here to stay.

Generation Z

A layered look is ideal if you prefer daintier items. A stacked diamond necklace or a selected stack of many necklaces of varied lengths, worn tight to the neck, does not demand attention but rather whispers of your magnificence. Choose natural diamonds that feel more in sync with your personality, depending on your inclination for glitter. There is no such thing as having too many stackable rings—in fact, having them is the whole idea. That matcha latte post seems especially great when delivered with a side of shine, in addition to your selected ear and arm stack.

Tennis bracelets are definitely close friends of the reverie necklace. The tennis bracelet, which became popular at country clubs, is the pinnacle of combining traditional splendour with sports flair. It demonstrates that diamonds may be worn at sporting events and other occasions. For a full appearance, pair it with a fitness tracker or another tennis bracelet in a variety of styles or cuts. While a tennis bracelet goes well with informal outfits, a beautiful bangle has a more formal appearance. Allow the natural diamond bangle to be the focal point of your ensemble while attending formal events or dressing up for a festive occasion.

Hoops are for those who enjoy being the centre of attention. Diamond hoop earrings attract attention to your face in an unapologetic way. Hoops with more intricacy might be the ideal accessory for a cocktail party. Half-hoops or simpler shapes may add a touch of glitz to a pantsuit and aren't only for special events. Studs have always been and will always be in the arsenal for a fast touch of glitz. It's no surprise that the appropriate set of diamond studs will make your eyes glitter, help you lift your head higher, and even make you take a second look at yourself.

Discovering your taste is the first step in building a jewellery collection. Begin with items that are personal and timeless to you. There's a vast spectrum of styles to select from, whether you like the emphasis on you and choose dramatic trends or prefer gentle Cali beauty. Jewellery is an extension of your personality and a means of creative expression. Allow your finest self to show through.


Billionaire Laurence Graff paid a record-breaking $46.1 million for a magnificent vivid pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats. Originally owned by his competitor Harry Winston, it now carries graff’s name and is a part of the legendary collection of rare diamonds.

We usually advise brilliant round diamonds with a cut grade of very good, ideal, or super ideal for engagement rings (also known as hearts and arrows). A high cut grade maximises a diamond’s beauty for a given carat weight.


It’s crucial to have a concept of what you might prefer before starting your search because it will enable you to focus on fewer of the many engagement ring possibilities that are now available. Also, when you initially start browsing, it helps to have a few distinct design concepts and the overall budget because the variety can be overwhelming.

Here are Engagement Ring Trends 2023:

1. Modern Art-Deco
2. Colored Stones
3. Lab-Grown Diamonds
4. East-West Settings
5. Multiple Large Stones

The traditional round diamond form, which is the most common, may come to mind when you think of diamonds. But if you want something different, a tonne of alternative forms may be found to suit your unique taste and style. Each diamond shape has its own fire and brilliance because they are cut to different standards, altering how they reflect light.

The most popular kinds of diamonds are listed below:

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
2. Princess-Cut Diamonds
3. Marquise-Cut Diamonds
4. Cushion-Cut Diamonds
5. Emerald-Cut Diamonds
6. Radiant-Cut Diamonds
7. Pear-Shaped Diamonds
8. Oval Diamonds
9. Asscher-Cut Diamonds