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The Koh-I-Noor Diamond: Why Buckingham Palace Is So Determined To Avoid It In Coronation

The contentious jewel is set in a crown that is rumoured to be the top choice for Queen Camilla to don at the Coronation next year.

King Charles III is scheduled to be crowned in a ceremony in May of the following year. Camilla, the Queen Consort, will also be crowned at the event. According to long-established plans, Camilla was going to be crowned wearing ceremonial attire adorned with the contentious Kohinoor diamond. According to The Telegraph, this may now be cancelled due to a dispute over who owns the diamond.

The Kohinoor, one of the biggest and most contentious diamonds in the world, was placed in the Queen Mother's crown in the 1930s and was supposed to be given to Camilla.

"When her husband succeeded to the throne, the Queen Consort was supposed to be crowned with the late Queen Mother's crown. However, times have altered, and His Majesty Both the King and his advisers are quite sensitive to these matters. According to a Daily Mail story, there are "severe political sensitivities and tremendous concern around them, particularly with India."

The 105-carat gemstone Kohinoor, which was affixed to the Queen Mother's casket at her funeral in 2002, has since been on display for the general public in the Tower of London. The diamond, which was originally set atop Shah Jahan's throne during the Mughal era, was removed from India as a result of Nadir Shah's conquests from Iran. Before it was given to Queen Victoria in 1849 as a result of the British invasion of Punjab, it was under the control of a number of kings. Kohinoor is still a source of debate because it was allegedly "taken" while Britain controlled India.


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