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Swarovski Unveils Lab-Grown Diamonds In The United States

Swarovski, the Austrian crystal house, is preparing to launch its lab-grown diamond collection.

Following a successful pilot in key locations across the United States, Swarovski Created Diamonds will be available in 200 stores across the United States and Canada. The collection will be available online for the next year and in 200 stores beginning in November 2022. Since 2016, the jewellery and fashion brand, which has been in business since 1895, has been offering lab-grown diamonds as part of its brand collaborations.

According to the brand, Swarovski's entry into the fine jewellery market is a natural evolution, building on its heritage and strategy to strengthen its position in the luxury space. The Autumn collection includes four sets of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets that feature Swarovski Created Diamonds and are made of 18k, 14k, and sterling silver. Swarovski CEO Alexis Nasard commented on the new collection and the brand's expansion into the luxury space, saying, "Swarovski's brand equity, unique savoir-faire, and artistry give us the legitimacy to enter the fine jewellery market."

"Through our Created Diamonds, we hope to delight even more customers with the ultimate combination of creativity and materials." "Lab-grown diamonds from Swarovski are 100% real - they are identical to mined diamonds in every way except their origin." "This expansion is an important manifestation of our LUXignite strategy, which focuses on luxurization, innovation, and serving customers in the critical US market and beyond." Pilot sales have outperformed expectations, proving popular with the American consumer.


Billionaire Laurence Graff paid a record-breaking $46.1 million for a magnificent vivid pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats. Originally owned by his competitor Harry Winston, it now carries graff’s name and is a part of the legendary collection of rare diamonds.

We usually advise brilliant round diamonds with a cut grade of very good, ideal, or super ideal for engagement rings (also known as hearts and arrows). A high cut grade maximises a diamond’s beauty for a given carat weight.


It’s crucial to have a concept of what you might prefer before starting your search because it will enable you to focus on fewer of the many engagement ring possibilities that are now available. Also, when you initially start browsing, it helps to have a few distinct design concepts and the overall budget because the variety can be overwhelming.

Here are Engagement Ring Trends 2023:

1. Modern Art-Deco
2. Colored Stones
3. Lab-Grown Diamonds
4. East-West Settings
5. Multiple Large Stones

The traditional round diamond form, which is the most common, may come to mind when you think of diamonds. But if you want something different, a tonne of alternative forms may be found to suit your unique taste and style. Each diamond shape has its own fire and brilliance because they are cut to different standards, altering how they reflect light.

The most popular kinds of diamonds are listed below:

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
2. Princess-Cut Diamonds
3. Marquise-Cut Diamonds
4. Cushion-Cut Diamonds
5. Emerald-Cut Diamonds
6. Radiant-Cut Diamonds
7. Pear-Shaped Diamonds
8. Oval Diamonds
9. Asscher-Cut Diamonds