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Goldmark Oakham, A French Luxury Jewellery Brand, Unveils The Magic Soul Diamond

Goldmark Oakham's Soul Diamond has always held its ground in the market as a piece of sovereign property.

Goldmark Oakham is working on creating the one-of-a-kind Magic Soul Diamond and only just unveiled it. This technology turns cremation ashes into diamonds that carry DNA. The soul diamond is gradually advancing with technology with the aim of storing all generations of family bliss into opulent jewellery items. It is positioned as a "Antique blended with modernity" on the market.

The carbon recovered from cremation ashes or hair is used to make cremation diamonds, which retain the memories and relationship of loved ones. The synthesis environment is where the cleaned cremation ashes and hair are deposited after being cleansed. By simulating the circumstances found in nature for diamond development, the tightly regulated chamber transforms ashes into diamonds. Each cremation diamond is a naturally occurring, one-of-a-kind stone.

"Goldmark Oakham, as a firm that brings family ties, links the world with the purpose of providing the most efficient and affordable resources for future generations," asserted the ambassador of Goldmark Oakham. Goldmark Oakham's meticulously managed chamber transforms ashes into really unique soul diamonds that are different in size, shape, and colour by simulating the natural circumstances for diamond formation.

The standards and exclusivity are upheld at every stage of the soul diamond company at Goldmark Oakham, despite the high financial requirements and activities of acquiring rare materials like ivory, tiger fangs, or even pieces of the DNA of Hollywood celebrities. The company makes sure the soul diamonds are purified to an exceedingly high degree, from the stage of calcium carbonate refinement, the High Pressure-High Temperature Process, through the diamond polishing process that strictly complies with the 4C gradings of gemological institutions.

Soul diamonds distinguish themselves as more than jewellery by being "non-conflict," "legal and authorised," and completely compliant with UN regulations. They stand for the most value in the smallest possible area. Thanks to a Certificate of Free Circulation, the jewellery is very lightweight and convenient to take around, in contrast to gold, which requires greater weight and storage space for a same quantity.

Goldmark Oakham has a longstanding reputation for fine craftsmanship and unmatched design. It was founded in 1947 and is based in Paris thanks to D Corneone Oakham. Goldmark Oakham's designs are not only stylish and flawless, but they also have life. This is because the company has the ambition to produce a high-end jewellery brand that is still ecologically beneficial, preserving nature, and benefiting future generations of people. All diamond goods at Goldmark Oakham are painstakingly made by master artisans using golden hands. Read more here: ixzz7k7b0KpXG French luxury jewellery manufacturer Goldmark Oakham unveils the Magic Soul Diamond.