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Styleoutwatches Explains That They Never Purchased Or Sold Mastergraff Diamonds

"Any story regarding the watch being sold for USD250,000 is inaccurate and unsubstantiated," the firm says.

Styleoutwatches categorically denied rumours about Toshakhana gifts involving former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday, claiming that they had never purchased or sold the Graff Mecca Map diamond MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater wristwatch. "We certify that we never bought or sold the Graff Mecca Map diamond MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater watch along with diamond cufflinks and round diamonds gent's ring, as well as rose gold pen set with diamonds to any person," Styleoutwatches said in a press release.

According to the company, it has come to their attention via various public and media sources that their verified Instagram page (styleoutwatches) is being used politically on various social media and public posts. "We were approached by an unidentified person to market this watch using our Instagram page," Styleoutwatches said in a statement, adding that they were later informed that the watch had already been sold by a third party. "Any information about the watch being sold for USD250,000 is incorrect and baseless," the company clarified. The statement also stated that they disclaimed all liability for the sale of the watch set.

The business stated that they reserve the right to litigate and take legal action against anybody who sells and markets the watch using their name and brand. "We need to explain something since there is a lot of media hoopla and political issues surrounding a certain watch," he stated. He insisted that they did not sell the MasterGraff Tourbillon minute repeater watch that Imran Khan took from the Toshakhana. "What we did was get it for promotion and marketing purposes," he explained, adding that they took the watch from an unnamed person, photographed it, and posted it on social media to generate attention and hype in 2019.

"Then we returned the watch to the person, and we don't know what happened before or after that," he clarified. He asked that they stay out of the situation. The company issued the statement after rumours circulated on social media that Styleoutwatches had sold the watch for $250,000 USD in 2019.