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Bridgerton Inspired Natural Diamond Jewelry Collection

Ellen Mirojnick, costume designer for "Bridgerton," and Monica Rich Kosann collaborate to take readers on a diamond jewellery adventure.

Monica Rich Kosann, a fine jewellery designer, has collaborated with Ellen Mirojnick, the Emmy-winning costume designer of Netflix's smash programme Bridgerton, to develop a line that will take you to the Regency era. This new Bridgerton jewellery collection, filled with romanticism, natural diamonds, and treasured keepsakes, will not only sweep you off your feet, but will also serve to kick off Shondaland's new Seat at the Table programme.

Monica was born and raised in New York. "I was always a storyteller while working as a photographer." "I've always had a strong interest in jewels and antiques," she added. Monica kept her clients' photographs in old powder compacts and cigarette boxes. Her clientele embraced the concept, describing it as an inheritance. "Every item was unique." "They each had such a particular narrative," Monica told Only Natural Diamonds. "It got me wondering, what if I could resurrect some of these and turn it into a business?" Monica soon found herself on a small shelf in Bergdorf Goodman, selling personalised vintage powder compact cases and cigarette cases.

Monica reflected on her love for all jewellery from the 1900s, particularly lockets and charms, as her business grew. "The sexiest piece of jewellery a woman can wear is a locket," she says. "Lockets are a way to tell a story, and people connected with that." "My mother had a charm bracelet," Monica remembers her first encounter with a diamond. Her brother (my uncle) was living in Brazil at the time, and every time he came to visit, he would bring a new charm for my mother and her sister. Each charm had a unique stone. One of the charms was a globe with little diamonds embedded in it." Charms, which are especially prevalent in this new collection, are one of Monica's signature jewellery items today.

"I love to reinvent famous historical jewellery themes like lockets, charms, and posey rings to make them contemporary, fresh, and sensual." "That's what Bridgerton is all about," Monica explains. The locket in this new series is a tribute to the Bridgerton family. The locket is wrapped in wisteria and formed like a heart, with a diamond (representing the season's diamond) in the centre. "A woman can take this locket and have a piece of Bridgerton, but she can really use it to create her own story."

In addition, the jewellery line includes a posey ring that was transformed into a crown as a direct tribute to the Queen in Bridgerton, with the word "queen" etched on the inside. There's also a bee charm, which has the show's typical whimsical design with wings in the shape of ribbons and bows, as well as diamonds, as it does in the newest season. Monica compares working with Ellen to being two kids in a candy store. "We have so much in common," she says, "especially our love of vintage jewelry."

Ellen is a New Yorker who lives in both New York City and Los Angeles. "I started off as a fashion designer," Ellen explained. "I created designs and items for the growing juvenile sportswear sector." I was known in the business for my ability to create young, on-trend looks." "Costume design came as a natural extension of design exploration," Ellen says of her initial designs. I'm a storyteller, and designing costumes is an important part of telling each character's story. It became my hobby."

Ellen recalls of working on Bridgerton, "It was such a thrill." I've never worked on a more massive or complex project. We were enjoying what we were doing and hoping that others did as well." "I was the first creative hire for the programme, so I established the look and feel for the Bridgerton world," she explained. Ellen was aware that she had a very precise concept in mind for the Regency era romance play. "We took the Regency silhouette and completely turned it on its head for both women and men," she explained. "After seeing our version of regency dressing in the show, the audience wanted it all." Everything from the stockings to the gloves!" Monica states.

"We became a pioneer of "regencycore" in the contemporary day and taught our audience to see a historical play in a new way," Ellen continued. Monica uses lockets, charms, and antique jewellery in the same manner that Ellen wanted to present the regency clothing in a fresh, more modern way. Monica explains, "We were just in sync." "You have two creative women who are very supportive of one another and are working towards the same goal." It's simply a dream come true."

What about the following season, my readers? Keep an eye out for "Easter eggs," Ellen advises. "The audience will see both new and returning characters. What you will witness in the upcoming season will astound you! It's just stunning!" Of course, diamonds will be present. "There's always the season's diamond!" Ellen said. "The jewellery has changed, as have the characters, but there will always be something new to obsess over." Despite OND's hopes for a spoiler or two, Ellen revealed she cannot reveal what it is, but she assures, "No one will be disappointed." I can't wait to show it to everyone!"