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The Best Places In Aspen To Buy Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Necklaces are recognised as true decorations of ladies. Look at the particular diamond necklace with a magnificent look. These diamond necklaces are handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Aspen is America’s chicest ski town, there is plenty of action off slopes in top-notch restaurants, stylish new hotels and luxury shopping. The resort town is lined with great jewelry shops, which showcase some of the world's best designers and brands–including elusive, hard-to-find collections.


You don’t need to ski to enjoy Aspen’s social scene. Off the slopes, as America’s chicest ski town, there’s plenty of action in top-notch restaurants, smart new hotels, and luxury shopping. Did I forget to mention the shopping?

Think diamonds, enormous diamonds, on Aspen’s streets instead of ice and snow. The resort town is surrounded with fantastic jewellery stores that feature some of the world’s top designers and brands, including elusive, hard-to-find collections. That’s because Aspenites like gems. Whether they are elegantly skiing down the mountain or eating in jeans and comfortable cashmere sweaters, they always have on their jewels. Here are the jewellers in Aspen you should know about.


Meridian Jewelers

Meridian’s Robin Smith has curated the most fashionable and one-of-a-kind designer jewellery collections. “Our clientele prefer to make a statement with an item they won’t see coming and going in any large metropolis,” says Smith, who founded the shop 20 years ago with her husband Kenny. Meridian’s portfolio of renowned international stars includes Fernando Jorge, Silvia Furmanovich and Loree Rodkin to mention a few. It’s also the place to go in town for Rolex and Cartier watches.

What’s hot: Diamond straight-line necklaces (also known as tennis necklaces) are popular among Aspen residents. Rahaminov chokers with various diamond shapes, for example, are “a touch quirky and stylish, and absolutely wearable from the slopes to après ski,” according to Smith. Similarly, Anita Ko’s crescent diamond necklaces.

Clients enjoy Repossi’s Serti Sur Vide ear cuff for a huge edge, adds Smith. “It catches folks by surprise, like finding a huge bill in last year’s ski jacket pocket!” Hoorsenbuhs’ elegant diamond Phantom ring is a popular too.


Lugano Diamonds

Skiers come directly from the slopes to Lugano’s store at the Shops at the Residences at the Little Nell to warm up by the fire, sip Champagne, and look at the one-of-a-kind diamonds. Designed like an exquisite living room with soft sofas and a spacious dining table for intimate dinners, Lugano at the base of Aspen Mountain has become the area where clients want to hang out.

That calm lifestyle translates into Lugano’s designs: “Aspen is a casual and trendy town with inhabitants who travel regularly and desire jewellery that is comfortable to wear,” says Moti Ferder, the brand’s president and CEO.

What’s hot: Important diamonds set in modern pieces with a bit of edge that can be worn from day to night. A rose-cut diamond bracelet with over 18 carats of diamonds in a gold and rubber pattern, as well as a pink-and-white diamond bracelet interwoven with black rubber, are among them. It’s also the place to go for stunning fancy-colored diamonds, such as a 19-carat green diamond ring.

“There is a large group of art collectors in town, and their jewellery has a distinct creative design,” Ferder explains. “That is consistent with our notion of wearable pieces of art.”


Betteridge Aspen

“Aspen consumers love diamonds,” says Brooke Betteridge of Betteridge, which is at the renowned Little Nell Hotel. It’s also a place where people feel comfortable wearing their jewels. “Visitors to Aspen are allowed to wear whatever and whatever they want,” she explains. “It’s liberating to finally be allowed to wear all the wonderful jewels that have been stashed away in house safes.”

What’s Hot: Everyday diamond line necklaces and lariat-style necklaces that you can pile on is in high demand. “It’s usually a good idea to mix a traditional design with a more contemporary, sexier item,” Betteridge adds. It is Aspen’s sole location where you can find jewellery from prominent companies including as Chanel, David Webb, Davidor, Paul Morelli, and Marco Bicego, as well as an in-store Patek Philippe boutique.


Sotheby’s Aspen

Sotheby’s Aspen gallery is displaying the latest creations by SABBA, the exclusive Paris-based jeweller, until December. The gallery, which debuted last summer, has rapidly become a destination for art enthusiasts who come to see Sotheby’s rotating show of modern buy-now art, as well as watches, jewellery, wine, and spirits.

What’s hot: More than 20 new SABBA designs developed for the Sotheby’s display are available through January 6. Prices range between $20,000 and $150,000. SABBA’s characteristic large-scale earrings are made with diamonds and gemstones that are beautifully placed in titanium, making them lightweight and simple to wear.


Aspen has been known for its yearly film festivals since 1979. Each year, the Aspen Film Festival features 200 films from dozens of artists and aspiring independent filmmakers. An astounding 90 percent of the festival’s events are free to the general public.

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The most popular kinds of diamonds are listed below:

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7. Pear-Shaped Diamonds
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