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Cornish Jewellery Co Is Switching To Lab-Grown Diamonds

Due of the environmental and ethical sourcing difficulties with real diamonds, The Cornwall Jewellery Co now only sources lab-grown diamonds.
Cornish Jewellery Co Jewellery worn by a model

The Cornwall Jewellery Co has switched to lab-grown diamonds. This is because they are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural ones. The company says this means they are more sustainable and ethically sourced. They say natural diamonds can be mined in warzones and sold on the black market.


The company’s creator lives in Falmouth and specialises in jewellery like as engagement rings and necklaces.

Previously, they utilised both mined and laboratory-grown diamonds, but have since opted to exclusively employ lab-grown diamonds.

This is due to recent advances in lab-grown diamond technology, which means they are chemically, physically, and visually similar to mined diamonds, according to the business.


Cornish Jewellery Co

It went on to state that the need for natural diamonds had caused pollution and the destruction of priceless natural habitats throughout the years, and that there was also the possibility of natural diamonds becoming ‘blood’ diamonds, dug in conflict zones and sold on the black market.

The Cornwall Jewellery Co stated that by focusing on lab-grown diamonds, they hope to give assurance that their jewellery is both sustainable and ethically sourced, as well as less expensive for the end user.

“Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds, which means the chain of custody concerns that made natural diamonds so troublesome are gone,” noted Jos Gibson, founder of The Cornwall Jewellery Co.

“Laboratory-grown diamonds even go through the same grading and certification procedure as natural diamonds by top gemological laboratories like GIA and IGI. “Laboratory-grown stones are an ethical choice for peace of mind knowing your diamond is free of conflict and environmental difficulties.”


The Cornish Jewellery Co. is an independent workshop supplying handcrafted ,quality pewter Jewellery made by the husband and wife team of ” The Cornish Jewellery Company ” ( Martin and Alison ). All designs are original and are inspired by the natural beauty of the area in which they are made. The far west of Cornwall is famous for its beautiful landscapes , tin mining and it’s Celtic past .

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