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Inside The Newest Jewelry Collection From Boodles: An Ode To Rare Pink Diamonds

Since its founding in 1798, the British jewellery company Boodles has specialised in stunning fine jewellery pieces.
Boodles diamond rings

British jewelry house Boodles has specialized in dazzling fine jewelry pieces since it was established in 1798. Pink diamonds are among the rarest diamonds in the world, making pieces in the collection extraordinary. 85% of pink diamonds worldwide were sourced from the Argyle Mine in Australia, which closed after 38 years in 2020.


English jewellery store Since its founding in 1798, Boodles has specialised in stunning exquisite jewellery creations. Being a family-owned business with roots in Liverpool, it is now in its sixth generation and is still based there, staying true to its roots—after all, it was formed there more than 200 years ago. With success comes growth, so in addition to its main location at 178 New Bond Street in London, Boodles has physical stores across the United Kingdom.

Pink diamonds are abundant because, as Chairman Nicholas Wainwright says, “Pink motivates me to aspire to the great.” But, of course, Boodles devotees will already know that pale pink is the house’s colour.

Director Jody Wainwright explains the five things we need to know about Boodles’ new “Think Pink” collection, which pays homage to these priceless and uncommon pink gems.


Pink Is The House Color Of Boodles

Malaika Arora posed in a black body-skimming costume for the excellent Khanna Jewellers brand and looked absolutely stunning. But by focusing on a delicately crafted diamond and emerald beaded neckpiece, the actress continued the ideal ethnicity of the ensemble. The brand’s official Instagram page shared the images and commented, “Bollywood diva Malaika Arora looks spectacular with our finely handcrafted diamond and emerald necklace. She wears this stunning jewellery to contrast her all-black ensemble. 

Malaika Arora adorned it with chic brown-blonde accents for her makeup. She further hid it with a subtle nude makeup appearance. She maintained her dewy eyes and her bare lips. The actress undoubtedly exhibits the utmost grace and appeal whenever she appears in front of the camera for high-end picture shoots, as evidenced by how she poses.

Pink diamonds serve as the ideal vehicle for expressing the Boodle’s vision. They are vibrant, fun, and dynamic, reflecting the company’s personality while also being full of life, optimism, and anticipation. Despite the maturity of the business—established in 1798—fun permeates every aspect of Boodles, from our informal client interactions and connections to our clever designs and corporate culture. The tint of the colour was modelled after a candy-coloured, extremely rare “pink” diamond that my father, Nicholas Wainwright, Chairman of Boodles, personally selected on one of his several journeys to find gemstones.

Pieces in the collection are extraordinary because pink diamonds, among the rarest gems in the world, are.

Around the world, the Argyle Mine in Australia, which was shut down in 2020 after 38 years of operation, supplied 85% of pink diamonds. Since 2014, when we were invited to join their exclusive atelier programme, the price of diamonds from the Argyle Mine has increased by 12–15% annually. Diamonds react sharply to the supply and demand theory: top-quality pinks (a colour equally dispersed with an intense saturation of pink) are at the top of the list and have experienced significant rises. Given that the mine will close in 2021, the previous two years have remained robust, and in my opinion, they are not expected to decline. These unique “hard asset classes” are an attractive investment if the markets fall.

We chose to add pink diamonds to the Boodles Raindance ring to mark its 20th anniversary by giving it a “Boodles pink” touch. The Raindance ring was selected as an enduring symbol of British design and is featured in the Victoria and Albert museum’s ongoing jewellery exhibition, “Best of British Design,” making it a logical option to include some pink.

Due to Boodles’ love of the colour pink and the enormous amount of client enthusiasm for these lovely stones, we introduced pink diamonds. Around 80% of Boodle’s significant pinks are sold to Britons, with 10% going overseas. Buyers of these fundamental pinks could very well be business owners or people who have recently sold their businesses. As a well-known brand in the UK, many of these are purchased by people in the North West or the North of England, but some affluent Londoners purchase them.

Using SMO gold in all of their jewellery designs, Boodles is a pioneer. Pink gold is the setting of choice for pink diamonds at Boodles because it elegantly frames the stones and lends them a contemporary feel. With complete segregation from the mine to the finished product, SMO-certified gold offers an auditable chain of custody for the whole supply chain. Every gramme of gold is recorded and audited. In addition to providing a direct link to the metal source used in their purchase, our clients may use batch codes and QR codes to gain insight into each purchase’s influence on local and environmental programmes.

The collection is unusually monochromatic because it is made of pink and white diamonds. Pink was used to give generally white diamond-based items a romantic feel and give the pink diamonds their distinct character. As it made sense to incorporate the brand colour and how things are perceived at Boodles, the two-tone combination is preferred by Boodles.


Founded in 1798, Boodles is a privately held British luxury jeweller and jewellery designer firm. Boodles is a family-run business with headquarters in Liverpool and locations in Chester, London, Manchester, and Dublin. On London’s New Bond Street is where you can find their flagship store.

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Billionaire Laurence Graff paid a record-breaking $46.1 million for a magnificent vivid pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats. Originally owned by his competitor Harry Winston, it now carries graff’s name and is a part of the legendary collection of rare diamonds.

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