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Kim Kardashian Purchases The Renowned Princess Diana Diamond Pendant

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The amethyst and diamond pendant was worn by the late Princess Diana. It is one of the most recognisable pieces of jewellery in the world. The pendant is made up of diamonds, amethysts and emeralds. It was bought for $1,000 by a collector.


The Attallah Cross, an amethyst and diamond pendant that Princess Diana memorably wore on multiple occasions, was purchased by American reality television star Kim Kardashian. The object was created in the 1920s, claims auction firm Sotheby’s, by British jeweller Garrard.

Kim Kardashian eventually won the bidding war, which lasted for the final five minutes of the Sotheby’s sale, and it was eventually sold for 163,800 pounds, according to the auction house.


Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Princess Diana Diamond Pendant

According to Sotheby’s Kristian Spofforth, “Jewelry owned or worn by the late Princess Diana very rarely comes on the market, especially a piece like the Attallah Cross, which is so colourful, bold, and distinctive. This unusual pendant symbolises the princess’s growing self-assurance in her sartorial and jewellery choices at that specific point in her life.

Princess Diana also wore the pendant to a charity banquet in 1987. According to the auction house, the pendant sold for almost twice the estimate.

When she appeared at the Met Gala earlier this year wearing a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she serenaded then-president John F. Kennedy on his birthday in 1962, Kim Kardashian—who loves wearing historical statement pieces—made headlines.

The striking and vibrant pendant design has diamond accents in the shape of circles and square-cut amethysts put in a setting. A total of about 5.25 carats of diamonds make up the complete cross.


From 1843 to 2007, Garrard was the first and most significant Crown Jeweller in the United Kingdom. He provided Queen Victoria with diamonds, maintained the British Crown Jewels, and was the creator of numerous tiaras and jewels still worn by the British royal family today.

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