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The World’s Last Collection Of Rare Argyle Pink Diamonds Is Purchased By Tiffany & Co.

It's possible that Tiffany's newest collection of Argyle diamonds will be the final one ever seen by the public, serving as a fitting send-off for a storied diamond mine.

Tiffany & Co. has acquired a final bespoke curation of rare pink diamonds from Australia’s now-closed Argyle Diamond Mine. The infamous mine was open from 1983 until November 2020, when it closed due to the exhaustion of resources. The pink diamonds will also appear in carefully curated capsule collections and potentially in future Blue Book high jewelry creations.


The now-closed Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia has provided Tiffany & Co. with a final bespoke curation of rare pink diamonds. The East Kimberley region of Australia, a rural portion of Western Australia, is where the Argyle diamond mine is situated.

The notorious mine operated from 1983 to November 2020, when resource depletion forced its closure. With at least 90% of pink diamond finds coming from there, it is still essentially the only substantial source of pink diamonds in the entire globe. Although Argyle’s mining operations are no longer active, the town still possesses a tiny stash of diamonds that were discovered there. Early in 2022, Argyle approached Tiffany & Co. with the sole purpose of presenting the House with this one-of-a-kind collection of incredibly rare diamonds.

This is the first collection that Argyle has put together that is dedicated to a jeweller. The decision to contact Tiffany & Co. is a reflection of the House’s standing as a jeweller capable of handling such a unique collection.


Rare Argyle Pink Diamonds Is Purchased By Tiffany & Co.

According to Sinead Kaufman, CEO of Rio Tinto Minerals, “We are happy that this collection of rare Argyle PinkTM Diamonds, with their extraordinary Australian provenance and a narrative that started one and a half billion years ago, is now entrusted to the renowned artistry of Tiffany & Co.”

According to Victoria Wirth Reynolds, chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co., “This extraordinary collection of 35 Argyle PinkTM Diamonds showcases the range of colours that Argyle diamonds are famous for, including Fancy Intense Pink, Fancy Intense Purplish Pink, Fancy Vivid Pink, Deep Pink, and the rarest of all—a Fancy Red diamond.” In addition to being extremely rare, these diamonds perfectly complement our Diamond Craft Journey project, which entails informing our customers about the provenance, or the country or regions of origin, of each newly sourced, individually registered diamond that we place in jewellery.

Reynolds told Only Natural Diamonds in an exclusive interview that “Argyle PinkTM Diamonds also recognised the importance of diamond provenance from its inception, aligning with Tiffany & Co.’s belief that a diamond is not only measured by its extraordinary rarity and beauty but that consumers care that the diamond they are buying has been responsibly mined and sourced. One of the most significant distinguishing characteristics of Argyle PinkTM Diamonds and Tiffany & Co. is careful custody from the mine to the market.

For a brief period beginning in early spring 2023 at international Tiffany High Jewelry events, the House will offer the very rare Argyle PinkTM Diamonds to a select group of clientele as a way to commemorate this historic acquisition. The pink diamonds may also be used in upcoming Blue Book high jewellery designs as well as in carefully picked capsule collections. What will happen with these diamonds is still a mystery. One person may order a suite of unique high jewellery items, each going to a separate residence, or a single outstanding piece using them all. Everyone will watch and wait.

Three of the 35 Argyle PinkTM Diamonds that Tiffany & Co. purchased are larger than 1 carat, which is a rarity within a rarity given that these diamonds are generally much smaller than 1 carat due to the special mix of severe pressure and temperature needed to make them. Both a Tiffany Diamond Certificate and an Argyle PinkTM Diamonds Certificate will be included with each diamond in the Argyle PinkTM Diamonds: The Tiffany Collection.

The most expensive and rarest gems in existence are pink diamonds. Pink diamonds of a certified Argyle origin are the most precious of all diamonds due to the mine’s fame and reputation for producing natural diamond tints and colours that cannot be found anywhere else. The Argyle diamond mine’s closing implies that the world has lost its main source of pink diamonds, driving up prices. The 11.15-carat Williamson Pink diamond, which sold for $57.73 Million, the highest price ever paid for a diamond per carat, is notable because it broke auction records. It’s possible that Tiffany’s newest collection of Argyle diamonds will be the final one ever seen by the public, serving as a fitting send-off for a storied diamond mine.


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