Chanel’s New High Diamond Jewelry Collection

13 NOV 2022

Kitty is wearing button earrings from Lune Talisman, a necklace without a brooch from Soleil 19 Août, a ring from Soleil Contraste, and brooches from Lune Solaire. Gabrielle Chanel, the visionary designer, aimed to capture the magnificence of a comet shooting across the night sky in "Bijoux de Diamants."

Diamonds proved to be the best expression of her vision, and her final collection's 50-plus pieces explored the possibilities of applying haute couture savoir-faire to jewelry-making. Ilana is wearing the Soleil Mademoiselle necklace, the Pluie de Cometes Asymmetrical earrings, and a ring made from the Comète Constellation necklace.

Of course, Mademoiselle Chanel had the most discriminating eye and reduced each design to its most essential form, preserving the line's purity. "If I chose diamonds, it is because they represent the greatest value in the smallest volume," the designer explained.

Juanita is wearing Lune Solaire earrings and a necklace called Comète Constellation. Zhong Mei is wearing earrings by Soleil Byzance and a bracelet by Comète Volute. The collection symbolised the house's ongoing love affair with both real diamonds and the stars in the sky.

Yoly Dee is dressed in the Comète Constellation Ring and the Lune Talisman button earrings. Chanel introduces 70 pieces of high jewellery that explore the map of the heavens and the Maison's codes—transformation and utility included—90 years after this impressive debut.

Sydney is wearing a necklace by Soleil 19 Août and a ring by Soleil Contraste. Among the diamond wonders is a necklace that can be worn as a brooch or bracelet, demonstrating that excellent jewellery can truly do it all.