Diamond Must-Haves for Generation Z!

10 OCT 2022

You don't need an A-stylist lister's to get your gems in order

Begin amassing your collection one unforgettable item at a time. This is how. Diamonds have long been the ultimate It-Girl accessory

From Madonna to Audrey Hepburn, a girl who wants to buy her own jewellery is stunning

Celebrating milestone milestones with jewellery has become something of a cultural phenomenon, seen as a mark of luxury, riches, and even power

As the Indian economy expands and the purchasing power of the younger people grows, there is an increasing preference for natural diamond jewellery over yellow gold

Furthermore, members of Generation Z are more concerned with investing in timeless style and the durability of a product's life cycle rather than merely making do with transitory trends

Investing in items with resale value is certainly consistent with their mindful purchase behaviours