Diwali And Diamonds, Festive Is Boosting The Diamond Jewellery Business

15 OCT 2022

Diamonds have been a sign of love, happiness, and power throughout history, and no symbol has the same wonder, originality, and beauty as a real diamond.

As the economy continues to develop at a rapid pace, we are quite positive about the upcoming holiday season and beyond for the diamond and jewellery business.

Consumer morale has improved significantly, and compared to the previous two seasons, large public festivities have returned, and consumers' attitude has improved and they are anxious to rejoice.

Given this positive environment, consumer spending has naturally increased as the sector emerges from the shadows of the epidemic. While the general climate has fostered a favourable attitude, there are additional reasons why demand for diamonds has increased.

Because there is pent-up demand for jewellery, this holiday season is witnessing particularly strong spending patterns, driving the pace of diamond jewellery buying.

Multiple patterns, particularly large-sized diamonds, are in high demand.

With the holidays in full gear, we are seeing a definite preference and demand for diamonds over other luxury products among customers.