Hancocks London Victorian Rivière Diamond Necklace Is The Jewel Of The Month

20 NOV 2022

A popular design throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly among royal families and the upper crust of society, there appears to be renewed interest in it as a sophisticated and timeless fine jewellery option—particularly in iterations with uniform diamonds.

As a result, jeweller Hancocks London has picked a great specimen from the Victorian era to spotlight as its November jewel of the month. Guy Burton, director of Hancocks London, said, "It is beautifully articulated and feels wonderfully silky and fluid.

"The diamonds are bright and lively, with a nicely graduated tapering from front to back." "This necklace is a lovely example of its kind, with a delicate femininity that not many have," he added. "It even conceals a small secret!"

The largest diamond in the centre conceals a hinged, drop-down loop, implying that a pendant could be added.

This is a lovely added feature that increases the piece's versatility and allows for personalization."