How Lou Asci Found A Diamond Ring In The Ocean With A Metal Detector

4 NOV 2022

Lou Asci was drawn to a Facebook post by Francesca Teal in Hampton Beach Residents & Friends. She had asked in the post for "anyone who might have a metal detector" to look for her ring, which had been lost in the water at a New Hampshire beach.

A round cut diamond was set in a white gold band and engagement ring. Lou Asci seized the opportunity to dive in with his metal detector before low tide, which was at 4:20 a.m., as soon as he learned about the incident. that particular day

Asci is working hard. He lives in Marshfield, which is more than 75 miles from North Beach, and could have ignored the post by simply swiping up on his phone. However, he decided to intervene because of the significance of the ring to Teal.

He did not leave any stone unturned in his search, knowing that it once belonged to her great-grandmother, as mentioned in the Facebook post: "We've all lost something that was important to us." "I had to put in some effort." Asci's children gave him a metal detector for Father's Day about five years ago.

Despite his lack of experience, locating misplaced items has long been one of his favourite pastimes. Arriving at the location Asci took notice of Teal's Facebook post about the unfortunate loss and contacted her to confirm whether the ring was still missing.

The next evening, August 9, Asci arrived at the beach with his wife, who agreed to accompany him on his search for the ring. "My wife and I decided to sleep in the car next to the beach, because I wanted to be there early for low tide," they explained after finding a parking spot.