Jenny Packham’s Helzberg Diamonds Collection Features Platinum Settings For Lab-Grown Diamonds

23 NOV 2022

Earlier this year, the collaboration gave birth to a limited capsule of honeybee-inspired designs with lab-grown yellow diamonds, reputedly the first of its kind. As lab-grown diamonds continue to gain popularity among customers, the use of platinum for the bulk of the line's goods is of particular importance.

Though proponents of lab-grown diamonds claim that there is virtually no difference between natural and lab-grown stones, consumers often see them as a more cost-effective option. The use of platinum for the majority of the collection's settings elevates it to the level of Packham's iconic, glamorous design.

It demonstrates the ability of lab-grown gems to be just as luxurious as their natural counterparts. Julie Yoakum, Helzberg's president and chief merchandising officer, speaks to JCK about the collection's reception, its use of platinum, and why consumers choose platinum for engagement rings. How has the Jenny Packham line been received by customers?

This exclusive collection has clearly struck a chord with our customers. This stunning collection is made up of completely colourless lab grown diamonds set in platinum. Why are lab-grown diamonds used in this collection? We were the first to debut this type of designer line as leaders in lab-grown diamonds.

Jenny Packham's elevated aesthetic, combined with stunning lab-grown diamonds, was the ideal combination for this special wedding collection available only at Helzberg. Many people choose lab-grown diamonds because they are less expensive.

I'm sure the platinum settings add gravitas and elegance to the lovely rings, but platinum is often more costly than, example, 18k gold. What motivated the decision to utilise just platinum?