Kite-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings Have A Dreamy Allure

14 NOV 2022

Kite-shaped diamonds are ideal for ladies seeking a unique fancy-shaped diamond engagement ring. These diamonds resemble a typical kite soaring high in the sky, as their name indicates. They generally have two short and two long straight edges. However, the cut of a kite-shaped diamond can vary greatly. Some elongated kite diamonds resemble shield-cut diamonds, while others resemble a kite we may have flown as children.

Some are symmetrical, while others have a diamond form. This geometric diamond cut is relatively flat and can appear larger than its carat weight due to its elongated shape that covers more of the finger, making it ideal for brides who want a larger appearance but on a smaller budget.

Rachel Boston, a jewellery designer based in London, enjoys working with this unusual form. "Kite diamonds have a dual attraction for me. I enjoy that they're a rare and unusual form. "It's always exciting and fascinating to work on designs that already have the uniqueness that a genuinely uncommon diamond form brings to the table," she says. "The second advantage is that they are extremely adaptable."

They have a graphic character that lends themselves nicely to use as side stones, as well as being an unusual option for something more traditional, such as a solitaire or a flush-set signet. Its extended design also makes it an excellent candidate for more graphic band styles, such as double or asymmetrical bands.ate setting will be used to raise funds for the Princess Grace Foundation-USA

Because kite-shaped diamonds are unusual, you may not locate the item you want in a jewellery store. Many jewellery designers, on the other hand, construct unique engagement rings and can obtain kite-shaped diamonds for you. So, if you like a designer's aesthetic but don't find kites in their repertoire, don't be afraid to contact them to see if they can build the bespoke kite-shaped engagement ring of your dreams.

Two rows of diamonds round the edges of the setting beneath the diamond, ensuring that it glows from every aspect. The diamond is held in place by curving rose gold prongs that resemble claws from above. A kite engagement ring with salt-and-pepper diamonds is even more unique. Rachel Boston specialises in this uncommon mix, acquiring a wide variety of kite-shaped diamonds for her custom engagement rings.