Opulence Collection Features Australian Pink Diamonds

27 NOV 2022

Aurom is a Hong Kong-based company that was founded earlier this year with a focus on the rarest and most exclusive coin collections. The newly minted gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted coins are works of art in numismatics and feature fancy colour diamonds from Western Australia's now-closed Argyle Mine. According to executive director Harsh Maheshwari, the collection embodies rarity.

"Not only are they unforgettable masterpieces, but they are also encrusted with the rarest fancy vivid and fancy intense pink diamonds from Western Australia's now-closed Argyle mine." In other words, they genuinely redefine the term "rare," he said.

"The Argyle mine's legacy is almost certainly unlike anything else we will ever witness in our lifetimes." Argyle pink diamond prices have skyrocketed since 2016, even during difficult economic and political times."

"The mine's closure in 2020 sparked a frenzy that is unlikely to subside anytime soon - if anything, it will only continue to drive demand from those wanting to own a valuable piece of natural history," Maheshwari added.

The pink diamond coins from the Opulence Collection, designed by artist Simon Ng and created in collaboration with Crossworks Manufacturing, are the first of their kind to be produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.